Tromsøya Rundt
8:30 AM08:30

Tromsøya Rundt

Lørdag 31. august 2019 arrangeres Tromsøya rundt for 27. gang. I fjor sørget over 70 padlere og strålende vær for et knakende fint arrangement, både på vann og på land.

Som i fjor blir det mulighet til å delta i konkurranse, to ulike turklasser og på fest!

Kl. 09.00 (Registrering kl. 08.30) · Turklasse med turleder · Kr 100,-*
Kl. 11.00 (Registrering kl. 10.00) · Konkurranse · Kr 100,-*
Kl. 11.30 (Registrering kl. 10.30) · Turklasse light med Trulle · Kr 100,-*
Kl. 19.00 · Fest · Kr 100,-

* Kr 50 for studenter

Deltagere i konkurranse og turklasse med turleder vil padle rundt hele Tromsøya (24 kilometer). Padleretning er mot klokka: Fra naustene og sørover rundt sydspissen, nordover Tromsøysundet og sørover Sandnessund tilbake til Sjølund.

Sikkerheten ivaretas med følgebåter.

KONKURRANSEN har tre klasser: Herrer, damer og dobling havkajakk. Det deles ut premier for beste tid i den enkelte klasse. Det anbefales å ha med seg proviant og rikelig med drikke.

TURKLASSE MED TURLEDER har et obligatorisk stopp midtveis på land med kaffe og matpakke (ta med!). Turen vil ta ca. 5 timer inkludert pause. Ingen tidtaking.

TURKLASSE LIGHT ledes av Tromsøstudentenes Havpadleklubb Trulle. Bli med på en urban padletur fra Sjølund via sentrum til Rema 1000 på Stakkevollveien (10 km). Deltagere og kajakker kjøres tilbake til naustene med bil og henger. Ta med nødvendig mat og drikke. Ingen tidtaking.

PÅ FESTEN blir det premieutdeling og servering av grillet selkjøtt. I tillegg til premier i konkurranseklassene blir det loddtrekning om premier blant alle som deltar på padleaktivitetene. Drikke medbringes eller kan kjøpes på stedet med kontanter eller Vipps.

REGLER: Alle deltagere må ha våttkort eller realkompetanse i egen- og kameratredning og skrive under på en ansvarserklæring. Havkajakker: Vest og spruttrekk er påkrevet, kajakken skal ha to skott og nødvendig utstyr for selvberging.

Endringer i programmet kan forekomme. For oppdatert program, følg med her.


Vi oppfordrer alle til å delta, uavhengig av nivå. Dette blir superstas! Velkommen!

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Sea Kayaking Symposium
to Jun 3

Sea Kayaking Symposium

-------------Post Tuesday Meeting-----------

Join Trulle for a full weekend of kayaking, camping, skills, tours, grilling, and socializing - in the rain (most likely). WHAT A FANTASTIC WAY TO SPEND A WET WEEKEND - 100% WATER PROOF. We will head out to Sommarøya Saturday morning with kayaks and kayakers to return Sunday early evening. Activities include long and short paddles, wave paddling and rescues, rescue refresher session, landing your kayak in the rocks, and marine biology by kayak all with Trulle leaders. There will be a beach grill party on Saturday evening.

Please sign up in the link above EVERYONE (even trulle regulars!) by Friday at 1600 so we can plan spaces in cars, kayaks, and food.

You must be a Trulle member and this should not be your first time kayaking.

You should pack:
- a drysuit ( message this page if you need one)
- a helmet (if you are planning on wave paddling or advanced landings)
- a snorkel and mask if you want to do some marine biology observations
- all your personal camping stuff ( a tent, a warm sleeping bag, pad)
- plenty of extra clothes
- food for all your meals except for dinner on Saturday night. There is a bathroom and water available at the beach.

Transportation for kayak will be arranged through Trulle if you cannot provide your own. Personal transportation should be arranged through this event page.

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Underwater Clean Up with the Diving Club
10:30 AM10:30

Underwater Clean Up with the Diving Club

Kayakers will offer support for the free divers and divers during the seafloor cleaning around an industrial area on Tromsøya. We will meet at the Trulle Boathouse to gather the kayaks, gear and organize transport to the site. Meet up at 10. For mor details see the Facebook event. NOT for first time kayakers! However the event is open to everyone and land support is also needed. Drysuits required for paddlers ( we can switch out who is on the water).

AWWESOME BBQ PARTY with FREE FOOD after with TSI SUT (the diving club)

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7:00 PM19:00

Annual All Members Meeting + Pizza

Join us for the annual all members meeting. This meeting will cover the years operations, activities, finances and plan for another great paddling year! Your attendance is greatly encouraged and your presence will, without a doubt, positively influence the future of Trulle! 

Preliminary agenda: 

- Approval of the agenda, electing a leader and secretary for the meeting
- Annual report 2018 (including activities, courses, boathouse and gear)

. Update on boathouse acquisition (Denial by TSI)
- Budget for 2018 
- Budget for 2019 

- Electing a new board: 

. Leader 

    . Membership / Key Responsible 
    . Boathouse Responsible
    . Activity Responsible

    . IT Responsible
    . Course Organizer
    . New positions?

. Gear Responsible?

. Social Responsible?

- Improvements on Boathouse / Driveway

- New gear wishes for 2019

- Activities for 2019 (Beach clean up, Spring Symposium, Tromsøya Rundt, Wednesday Paddling, Weekend trips)

- Courses for 2019

Any additions to agenda are welcome and should be sent  to no later than 14 days before the meeting. (8. January) 

The complete agenda will be published no later than 7 days before the meeting. (15. january) 
Best paddling greeting,

Morgan, TSI Trulle Leader

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to Oct 28

Activity Leader Course

Trulle is Hosting a Activity Leader Course for Sea kayaking. This is be given at a exterme discount to boost the tour leaders in our ranks. Please contact for mor information and to sign up for the course!

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Tromsøya Rundt
10:00 AM10:00

Tromsøya Rundt

TSi Trulle er med Tromsø Havpadle Klubb (THPK) å organisere en konkurranse, tur eller lek rundt Tromsøya (25 km). Det bli påmelding, følgebåter og fest etterpå. Topp stemning!

TSI Trulle and THPK are putting on a competition/ tour / fun time around Tromsø island ( 25 km). There is an option for doing the light version (14 km) if the whole trip is asking aloy. There will be registration prior to the event, support boats, and a beach party with prizes afterwards.

More info about the different events here!

To register for the event or the party or both!

Start er i Sjølund ( right outside our boathouse)


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Strandrydding Tur til Vengsøya
8:30 AM08:30

Strandrydding Tur til Vengsøya

TSI Trulle skal på tur til Vengsøya med ferga for å paddle ut til en strand som trenger vår oppmerksomhet!

We plan to paddle on Vengsøya May 5th-6th, 2018 to be involved in national beach cleanup day and have some fun. The goal is to accommodate as many people as possible so please join the Facebook event and follow this link to answer some questions

In brief the plan is to meet at the Trulle boatshed/naust, drive to Skulsfjord on Kvaløya and take the ferry to Vengsøya. We will then paddle around Vengsøya to a beach where we will clean up all the junk that has washed up there as part of the Norwegian national beach cleanup day. Then there will be time for grilling, fun and exploring. Then depending on interest we can either paddle back and take the ferry back on the saturday evening (departing around 6pm) or we can camp overnight at the beach on Vengsøya and take the ferry back on sunday. A group of people may also choose to paddle all the way back to Skulsfjord.

Note that as paddlers we are subject to the goodwill of the weather gods so it is possible that the plan will need to be changed or the trip may be cancelled in the event of bad weather.

Since we have the ferry option the paddling distances will not be too long so the trip will be suitable for novice paddlers, but it should not be your first time in a sea kayak. Again please remember to fill in the form so that we can organise the logistics

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.57.47 AM.png
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Pre-Game Boathouse Purchase meeting
4:00 PM16:00

Pre-Game Boathouse Purchase meeting

Join us at UiT just before the TSI annual meeting for some pizza as we to win over money to buy our boathouse. We will vote on a proposal which allows us to used long saved money to buy and improve our boathouse for use by all TSI. This proposal includes revamping the current structure, adding other aquatic groups and enjoable ammendities like a jacuzzi and sauna. Please register to be a TSI member before Feb 9th and show up to the meeting on March 9th to vote for our proposal.

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Boathouse Acquisition Proposal Meeting
7:00 PM19:00

Boathouse Acquisition Proposal Meeting

Flashy title for a meeting for more than just paddlers who want to put together a proposal for purchasing the boathouse that Trulle now rents from UNN. This proposal will include plans to upgrade the boathouse for kayakers, and other aquatic groups and to add amenities for all TSIers like a hot tub , sauna and grilling spot!

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Ordinære Årsmøtet
7:00 PM19:00

Ordinære Årsmøtet

  • Uit- The Arctic University of Norway (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Trulle will hold its annual meeting for all members on Wednesday, January 24th at 1900 at UiT, room TBA.

Please join us to decide the future of Trulle! Pizza will be provided!!

Items to be added to the agenda should be send to morgan.lizabeth.bender@gmail atleast two weks before. An Agenda of the meeting will be published one week prior.

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Kayak trip to Sommarøya
to Oct 15

Kayak trip to Sommarøya

Saman med TSI Trulle tar me turen til Sommarøy på yttersida av Kvaløya 13.–15. oktober. Her blir det padling blant holmar og kvite strender i fantastiske omgjevnadar. Sjå link for meir info om turen og om korleis ein meldar seg på. 

NB! begrensa med plassar, så det er berre å hive seg rundt og melde seg på!

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