Q- Will there be more basic courses this season?

A-    Trulle normally holds 4-5 basic courses each semester in May/ June and August/Sept. Basic courses are not normally offered outside those times due to cold water and air temperatures. Courses fill up fast. All courses are posted on our Facebook page TSI Trulle and on our website. If you don’t see any available courses in the store chances are that there will not be more this semester. Check with other course holders in town, you can be a member of Trulle even if you take your course somewhere else.

Q- Does Trulle have any activities planned for the near future?

A-    Check our facebook page for events like pool sessions, Wednesday paddling and our calendar on our website.

Q- How can I get more involved in Trulle? Be part of the board or be a kayaking instructor?

A-    Come to Wednesday paddling and meet a Trulle person. Send an email to say you are interested in being more involved. Come to a Dugnad or pool session. Trulle is a volunteer group but we have resources to educate paddlers and can pay for you to take courses and then lead trips for Trulle. You can influence the decisions on gear, trips, and activities. You do not need to a super paddler to be a part of the board.