The Trulle boathouse has many functions, gems, and character

Trulle Boathouse

257 (ish) Kvaløyavøgen
Tromsø, Norway

The largest and most southern boathouse just south of the Greenhouse Plantasjen. The driveway is steep. There is a bright orange fishing bour hanging at the driveway entrance



We currently maintain 24 plastic kayaking in the boathouse for use by members. These boats are available 24/7, have a variety of sizes, steering capabilities, ages, and colors.

Use of the kayaks for less than 24 hours is free. If you are using the kayaks for longer trips this needs to cleared with the Board and costs 50,- per day.

Kayak storage for personal kayaks is available upon request

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Trulle strives to provide safe and suitable gear for paddling in Tromsø conditions. The boathouse contains a variety of sprayskirts, paddling vests, paddles, pumps and paddle floats for use by members. Drysuits are necessary safety gear for paddling in every season and Trulle has 13 drysuits available for rental by members.

Drysuit rentals are for one week at a time, pick up and drop off is through TSI Fjellgruppa (see link below for times and locations of rentals).  Drysuits cost 100,- per week,  you will pay for your suit with a card upon pickup. 


Unlimited access to the boathouse is obtained through an electronic key system. You can order a key when you register as a member or at any time after. Your key payment is one time payment.

NOTE. The key system was changed in 2018. Old keys need to be exchanged for new ones. Contact

In order to receive a key you need to either (a) have a "våtkort" or (b) have an equivalent competence to that of the basic sea kayaking course. This competence will be tested through what we call a "key test".

NOTE. Trulle is on a semester schedule. All Trulle board members are volunteers. The months of June and July are holidays so it is not possible to rent drysuits, receive keys or take key test during this time. Thank you for your patience :)

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