Our board is made up of volunteers who diligently maintain the boathouse and precious kayaks within, plan events and courses,  and manage membership and access. Its a big job!


MOrgan Lizabeth Bender - Leader

Morgan grew up in a kayak-that is the best way to see the fish! Teaching courses, organizing activities, and assisting with other random tasks, She is a tour leader in the Norwegian paddling foundation world and doing a PhD at the University in Tromsø.




Of all the board members, Erlend has the most control. He is our veteran board member and holds the boathouse and kayaks (and really everything else) in check. He is responsible for arranging and renting new boat spots and fixing most everything, he does that at his real job too- only thats all programming.


Rowan Romeyn- ACTIVITIES

Rowan is an Auzzie imported for his fine abilities to paddle , take pictures that are really ALIVE (see them scatter about our website) and do something with rocks (as a Master student studying geology). He is also an eager roller and kayak polo enthusiast.


Mikaela Tillman - treasurer

Mikaela never slows down, she is either paddling, skiing, climbing, running or pedaling a million kilometers an hour or better yet paying in all the bills that Trulle racks up. As our treasurer, Mikaela holds the key to the clubs success. She is currently researching her Masters in deepwater Arctic creatures and baking cinnamon rolls in Lofoten.



To be honest, no one is quite sure what Kjetil's official role is. He is involved in most everything as far as courses, maintenance and club development go. He is around in intense periods as a our kayaking guru and then leaves for his job as a ropes safety man. Kjetil is an avid sea- and whitewater paddler, climber, and cyclist.

Lorenzo Ragazzi- Membership

Lorenzo should be dealing with the books but he is busy hanging out in California with the sea lions (maybe kayaking too!) for the season of 2017.


Maite Cerezo- Key responsible

Maite is starting in this exciting new world of se kayaking (and administration). She joined the board in 2017 and helps to organize social events and activities. She studied biology at UiT and got trapped by Tromsø and all it's possibilities.

Photo by Rowan Romeyn

Photo by Rowan Romeyn


Frank is our technical man, family man, and photographer. Frank is also a computer guy for Trulle and for his real job but seems to enjoy his time on the bike (a tandem!) and in his kayak far too much. Frank makes a wonderful pizza.



Contact any board member or show up at one of our annual meetings, dugnads or any activity if you are interested!