Teknikk kurs September 21-22.

Teknikk kurs September 21-22.

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Technique sea kayaking course 21.-22. Sept

Only 4 spots available in total so be sure there are enough available spaces for your group.

Your instructor will be Morgan Bender (morgan.lizabeth.bender@gmail.com)

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Aims of Course are to cover...

  • Maneuvering a kayak on and off the water

Propulsion Paddling

  • Effective paddling (over longer distances).

  • Edging

Steering Strokes ( forward and back)

Sideways movement strokes (with and without speed)

Brace Strokes

  • Sculling as a brace.

  • Brace stroke (high and low)

Rescue techniques

  • Buddy rescue.

  • Self rescue.

  • Towing.

  • Eskimo rescue.


  • Basic concepts of rolling (Does not need to be mastered)


16 hours

Evaluation- Not a pass or Fail course but critique will be given

Instructors- NPF Tour leader Morgan Lizabeth Bender 

This is the second level of sea kayaking in the Norwegian Paddling Foundation course ladder. In this 16 hour course you will expand your grasp of basic and intermediate techniques, kayak safety, be introduced to rougher water and touch on towing techniques. Of course, different rescuing techniques are also drilled. We do recommend that you have taken the basic course before embarking on the technique course. The technique course is held out at Sommarøya and overnighting in tents is part of the experience.