Sept 28-29. Basic Sea kayaking Course

Sept 28-29. Basic Sea kayaking Course

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This is a Basic sea kayaking course which will take place on the 28-29th of September on Tromsøya.

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WHERE          Courses will be held out of the Trulle boathouse on the island just South of the Airport. It is red and the most southern and biggest, driveway is marked with a large orange fishing buoy. Parking can be found across the road from Plantasjen (on the sea side) and then just walk south along the beach until you reach the last boathouse (Ca. 100 m) Kvaløyvegen 281 is pretty close to the correct address (see "ABOUT" page for map).  The closest bus stop is Sjølund.

WHEN             On Saturday we will meet at 0900 (9 am) and finish no later than 1700 (5 pm). A similar schedule will follow on Sunday.

WHAT            Drysuits will be provided for each one of you. Let us know if you have your own drysuit. We will be doing alot of swimming (rescuing) on all days and while the suits will keep you warm and happy, unfortunately they are not 100% dry. Bring extra clothes to change into and a warm jacket for breaks. The best thing to wear under the drysuit is wool underwear with thick wool socks. With the chilly temperatures bring a wool hat too! We will be around the boathouse all day so please pack a hearty meal with snacks and water. We will not be paddling far the first day so packing things in drybags is not necessary. 

HOW              The course fee includes kayak, drysuit, safety gear, and your new våttkort! Membership to TSI (1) and Trulle (2) is required for all participants and can be purchased through TSI (a link is found on our website under “membership” for both memberships). A key to the boathouse (100,-) can be purchased online in the Trulle store. Please arrange your memberships and order a key before your course so you can be ready to start using your kayaking skills as soon as you are done on Sunday.

OTHERWISE           If you have any special requirements that may influence your experience such as medical conditions (ex. diabetes, Raynaud´s syndrom), previous injuries (ex. previously dislocated shoulder or concussion), or time constraints please let your course instructor know prior to the course start. 

FURTHERMORE    With the membership, basic course with Trulle, and a key to the boathouse will give you unlimited free access to the 24 Trulle kayaks and option for drysuit rental for the semester / year you have membership for.

LASTLY        For more information about what to expect from the basic course visit the Norwegian Paddling Foundation website. Please contact your instructors or if you have any questions or concerns.


Looking forward to paddling with you!



for more information about what to expect from the basic course visit the Norwegian Paddling Foundation website