Basic Sea kayaking Course Brensholmen 25-26 Aug

Basic Sea kayaking Course Brensholmen 25-26 Aug

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This is a special Basic sea kayaking course as it will take place out at Brensholmen near Sommarøya and involve overnighting in tents! This event is in conjunction with Debut Ukas FRESKLUFT trip.

Your lead instructor will be Morgan Lizabeth Bender ( or at +47 40726525

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Where :   Courses will be held out at Brensholmen near Sommarøya following the FreskLuft event which is part of UiTs Debut Uka. This is a course which will be more involved than an average basis course with an exciting paddling playground, sleeping in tents, and making group meals!

When:  There are a few options of when to meet up for this event. The first option to to join DebutUka and come out to Brensholmen fredag evening (either under own transport, carpooling, or taking the bus) for a fun long weekend. The second option is to join only for the course which will officially begin after Debut Uka has finished on Saturday afternoon. The course will go until dinner time on Saturday and all day on Sunday. We will be finished up in time to catch the bus back to Tromsø on Sunday. Here is the schedule for the 420 bus that runs from Tromsø out to Brensholmen

What: We will be doing alot of swimming (rescuing) both days and while the suits will keep you warm and happy, unfortunately they are not 100% dry. Bring extra clothes to change into and a warm jacket for lunch. The best thing to wear under the drysuit is wool underwear with thick wool socks. With the chilly temperatures bring a wool hat too! We will be out paddling all day so please pack a hearty meal with snacks and water for both Saturday and Sunday. We will not be paddling far the first day so packing things in drybags is not necessary. group Dinners will be prepared Saturday night and Sunday night.

How:  The course costs 1900 nok for students and 2300 nok for non students (unfortunately PhDs too) including kayak, drysuit, safety gear, transportation of gear out and back, and your new våtkort ! TSI and Trulle Membership is required for all participants and can be purchased in the website store (250,- for a semester, 400,- for a year). A key to the boathouse (100,-) can also be purchased online.  The membership and basic course with Trulle will give you unlimited free access to the 19 Trulle kayaks and option for drysuit rental.

Special Information for the Overnighting portion

Additional gear is needed for this course. Tents, sleeping bags and pads may be rented through TSI Fjellgruppa and through the FreskLuft event. We will be sleeping in tents and making food on a camp stove with no additional infrastructure to support our activities. Please be aware. All meals will be on your own ( exceptions: grill Friday night with FreskLuft and a common breakfast with Freskluft on Saturday).

Looking forward to paddling with you!

Please contact the course instructor on your course if you have any questions or concerns or email for administrative questions

for more information about what to expect from the basic course visit the Norwegian Paddling Foundation website