TSI Trulle Tromsø student havpadling klubb


Q- I just moved to Tromsø. How can I get out sea kayaking?

A-    Join Trulle for a Wednesday paddling event or take a basic sea kayaking course. You have to be a member to join on either of these activities

Q- Do I have to take a course to go kayaking?

A-    No, you are welcome to join for (most) Wednesday paddling events without previous knowledge of sea kayaking or the basic course in sea kayaking. However, if you would like to get access to the boathouse at other times, go paddling on your own, or join on more advanced Trulle activities you have to either have taken a basic sea kayaking course (and have proof) or take the “key test” which is a demonstration that you can do a self-rescue, buddy-rescue and paddle safely in the Arctic.

Q- I want to paddle over the summer break (mid June- July), is this an issue?

A-    The boathouse (where the kayaks are) is open year round however the Trulle board is not on duty for issuing keys, renting dry suits or fixing boats during the summer. Your emails will go unanswered no matter how desperate.

Q- Can I paddle during the winter?

A-    Yes, the boathouse is open all year, however fewer Trulle activities are arranged between October and April. Dry suit rental is closed during Christmas break.


Q-I have just registered my membership in Trulle and would like to make use of it right away?

A-    Great! Join Wednesday paddling to get familiar with the key. Do you qualify for a key? You can order it in our store. 

Q- What does it mean to be a Trulle member?

A-    As a Trulle member you can use all the Trulle equipment in the boathouse (kayaks, paddles, etc.) for free (if less than 24 hr). You can join in on Trulle activities like Wednesday paddling, Beach clean up, pool sessions or rescue practice. You may also qualify based on your sea kayaking comfort level to get a key to the boathouse.

Q- How do I become a member?

A-    To be a member of Trulle you don’t need to know how to kayak but you do need to pay. See our membership page for the two-step process.

Q- Can non-students be members?

A- Yes! Trulle is open to anyone from the age of 15 and up. Prices of courses are reduced for students but anyone can join.

Q- I purchased my membership in the middle of the semester, how long is it good for?

A-    Membership in student clubs is good for the semester it was purchased in. If you buy a year-long membership in April it will be good for that Spring semester and the Fall semester until Christmas- not April to April.


Q- Where is the Trulle Boathouse?

A-    It is south of the Airport across the street from Plantasjen. See our Boathouse page for a map. It is the biggest and most southernly boathouse in the neighborhood. The closest bus stop is “Sjølund” by bus 33 or 34.

Q-How can I get access to a key for the boathouse to be able to rent a kayak?

A-    You will need to purchase a boathouse key from our website to get access, assuming you have a basic course in sea kayaking or have taken the Key test. 

Q- I ordered a key but I haven’t gotten it yet but I really want to go paddling this weekend. What do I do?

A-    You should write a plea on the facebook group TSI Trulle to ask if someone who has a key wants to go paddling with you.

Q- How do I actually take the “key test”?

A-    You should show up to Wednesday paddling and demonstrate your ability to paddle safely in the Arctic, rescue yourself and rescue a buddy. Bring your dry suit and be ready to swim. Youtube the techniques in advance if you are alittle fuzzy.

Q- My key doesn’t work, who do I talk to?

A-    You can send an email to nøkkel@trulle.no with your updated membership receipt and the number printed on your key.

Q- I have a kayak I want to store, can Trulle help me out?

A-    For sure! Trulle has an awesomely large boathouse and we have space to store your kayak for just a small price! Send an email and we will arrange a place to put it. It is a good idea to lock your kayak so that curious paddlers don’t take it for a spin.


Q- Will there be more basic courses this season?

A-    Trulle normally holds 4-5 basic courses each semester in May/ June and August/Sept. Basic courses are not normally offered outside those times due to cold water and air temperatures. Courses fill up fast. All courses are posted on our Facebook page TSI Trulle and on our website. If you don’t see any available courses in the store chances are that there will not be more this semester. Check with other course holders in town, you can be a member of Trulle even if you take your course somewhere else.

Q- Does Trulle have any activities planned for the near future?

A-    Check our facebook page for events like pool sessions, Wednesday paddling and our calendar on our website.

Q- How can I get more involved in Trulle? Be part of the board or be a kayaking instructor?

A-    Come to Wednesday paddling and meet a Trulle person. Send an email to say you are interested in being more involved. Come to a Dugnad or pool session. Trulle is a volunteer group but we have resources to educate paddlers and can pay for you to take courses and then lead trips for Trulle. You can influence the decisions on gear, trips, and activities. You do not need to a super paddler to be a part of the board.


Q- Where can I find a dry suit?

A-    Trulle is developing a more convenient dry suit rental system. For now you can rent dry suits from TSI Fjellgruppa for 100 nok a week. See TSI Fjellgruppas facebook page for when they are open.

Q- Do I always need to have a drysuit to paddle in Tromsø?

A-    The water is always cold at 69 degrees North. Most people always paddle in a dry suit however Trulle only requires that you always wear a Personal Floation Device (lifevest) when you paddle. Dry suits are required for Wednesday paddling for beginners and later in the season.

 Q- Can I borrow kayaks for a long trip or transport them with a car?

A-    Yes! Tromsø is a great jumping off point for awesome paddling. Any kayak rental over 24hr costs 50 nok / day. Please pay that in our online store. Be very careful strapping kayaks on the roof of a car as they can wiggle lose and turn into huge flying projectiles. Also make sure that items in the cockpit and hatch covers are VERY secure.

Q- Does Trulle have a kayak trailer I could borrow to transport many kayaks at a time?

A-    Trulle does have a trailer that we use for courses and activities. We don’t normally lend it out to members but shoot us an email if you really need it.

Q- Me and a friend would like to join TSI trulle. My friend has the baic course (våttkort), but I don’t. I’ve paddle a bit over the past 10 years, but never taken the course since my family has kayaks. Could I still join? 

A-    Great that you would like to join Trulle! Since you dont have a wet card please join for Wednesday paddling (see our Facebook page for the event each week) and take the “key test” where you show that you can rescue yourself and a buddy and paddle safely in the Arctic:) Both you and your friend must be members of Trulle to join Trulle activities and use Trulle gear (kayaks, dry suits etc).

Q- I broke / damaged / lost some Trulle gear but I am poor student so I am afraid to say something. What should I do?

A-    Trulle has budgeted for this. Please report it immediately via email so that we can fix it or replace it as soon as possible.