Our board is made up of volunteers who diligently maintain the boathouse and precious kayaks within, plan events and courses,  and manage membership and access. Its a big job!


MOrgan Lizabeth Bender - Leader

Morgan grew up in a kayak-that is the best way to see the fish! Teaching courses, organizing activities, and assisting with other random tasks, She is a tour leader in the Norwegian paddling foundation world and doing a PhD at the University in Tromsø. 



Rowan Romeyn- Equipment / Boathouse

Rowan is an Auzzie imported for his fine abilities to paddle , take pictures that are really ALIVE (see them scatter about our website) and do something with rocks (as a Master student studying geology). He is also an eager roller and kayak polo enthusiast.

Isabell Eischeid - treasurer

Ulrike Deitrich- Key responsible

Photo by Rowan Romeyn

Photo by Rowan Romeyn


Frank is our technical man, family man, and photographer. Frank is also a computer guy for Trulle and for his real job but seems to enjoy his time on the bike (a tandem!) and in his kayak far too much. Frank makes a wonderful pizza.



Contact any board member or show up at one of our annual meetings, dugnads or any activity if you are interested!